• Salesperson capable of selling artificial intelligence products hired in 6 weeks

    Neuron Soundware is a tech startup producing sound recognition solutions based on artificial intelligence. Having the right sales representative who knows the ropes and the technology is crucial for its business; there is simply no room for error. That’s where we came in.

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About the client

Neuron Soundware develops a diagnostic technology which detects and predicts mechanical malfunction based on a machine’s sound. As a result of identifying the problem early, the technicians have enough time to fix or replace the machines before it’s too late. This Czech company uses artificial intelligence and the internet of things, so its solution is constantly learning and improving.

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  • Starting the cooperation

    We offered CEO Pavel Konečný from Neuron Soundware the services of our remote sales team, but Neuron’s product was too complex to be handled by an outsourced salesperson. Instead, we agreed that we would try and locate a sales representative for them.

    • Before the hire

      • No clear sales rep position (sales performed by the CEO and the Technology Evangelist).
      • No capacity for everyday sales activities.
      • Templated and late offers.
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  • The Kickoff

    Together with Pavel, we defined the ideal candidate: a tech-interested salesperson who is an innovation enthusiast, creative, and self-reliant. A formal education in Sales and 3–5 years experience were a condition.

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  • The Search

    It took less than 6 weeks to find the perfect match. What did we do in those two months?

  • Neuron Soundware | Reaching out to 87 qualified candidates image

    Reaching out to 87 qualified candidates.

  • Neuron Soundware | Screen calls to 14 interested candidates image

    Screen calls to 14 interested candidates.

  • Neuron Soundware | Interviewing and assessing 4 candidates image

    Interviewing and assessing 4 candidates.

  • Neuron Soundware | Recommending and describing 2 candidates to NSW image

    Recommending and describing 2 candidates to NSW.

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    Finished assignments sent to NSW for evaluation.

  • Neuron Soundware | NSW met those 2 candidates image

    NSW met those 2 candidates.

  • Neuron Soundware | The successful candidate hired image

    The successful candidate hired.

  • We assess candidates at a roleplay meeting

    We conducted a practice sales meeting where Michal was to sell the NSW product to the national railway company, Ceske Drahy. He was given real study materials from NSW and met pretend CEO and CTO.

  • Neuron - Understanding the subject image

    Understanding the subject

    We sent instructions for the meeting and study materials to Michal beforehand. If we do not have original materials from the client, we use our portfolio.

  • Neuron - Cold email image

    Cold email

    Michal sent a cold email to the prospect to get a meeting. We evaluated all the criteria including the structure, length, grammar, pitch, etc.

  • Neuron - Cold call image

    Cold call

    Michal called the prospect (who had not answered the email). We assessed his oral communications skills and each stage of the call, including the pitch and closing.

  • Neuron - Meeting the prospect image

    Meeting the prospect

    Michal played the role of sales representative and was introduced to both company decision makers. We focused on each stage of the meeting and also tested his reactions to clients’ objections.

  • Neuron - Detailed report image

    Detailed report

    We prepared a detailed report with evaluation charts and sent it to NSW.

  • Neuron - Assigments from NSW image

    Assigments from NSW

    Michal was also given a case study created by NSW that was sent back after 6 days.

After the hire

Both Michal and NSW are
content and effective

  • Extra time to focus on improving processes
  • Outbound sales (strategically prospecting and campaigning new clients)
  • A new point of view on sales in the company
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    “I strongly recommend Jana Michelova, my HR contact at SALESDOCK. She managed to decipher my thoughts regarding job opportunities and helped me make the right decision.”

    – Michal Bambušek, Sales Representative at Neuron Soundware
  • Neuron - Jiří Čermák image

    “Their interview and selection processes are very challenging, thorough and super professional. I would have SALESDOCK get me a selection of candidates any time – even if I had to bring them from abroad!”

    – Jiří Čermák, Technology Evangelist at Neuron Soundware
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